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The retreat focuses not only on healing. We want you to share stories of what constricts and limits you in your lives, to rewrite your script. So you may find your own unique keys to freedom from that which slows you down and keeps you from being the pure magnificent being that you are.  


This container acts as a growth pod for personal spiritual expansion. The focal point is on leaving the predictable of a static life behind. The exploration focuses on opening doors of perception and understanding, followed by a reorientation.


Our retreats combine traditional eastern practices with the power of Ayahuasca in order to clean the deeper parts of ancestral and life wounds.  Inviting magic & delight & beauty back into our lives. Opening of our hearts to new experiences and Love. 

 In essence, it is a calling & a longing to feel

The fullness that you know lies within your Being.


Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreats

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One of the reviews from our retreats

´´Shamballa is a wonderful and safe retreat for anyone who feels called to sit with the medicine. Pitt and Gintare are the most compassionate and attentive couple whose skills and qualities complement each other perfectly. 

Pitt draws upon years of knowledge and experience from contemplative traditions to create a strong, magical, and sacred container for the ceremony. His playful spirit and wise heart shine through in ceremony and later in the sharing circle. 

Gintare is radiant light in human form. When I needed shelter from the storm, she tended to me with her loving presence and gentle ease. The connection and high level of trust I felt with her were extraordinary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gintare and Pitt, this experience is the closest I have come to feeling unconditional love.

´´ R. M (TripAdvisor)






Ayahuasca awakening

"If I had not had this I would not have had "A Life". It's profound effects both brought me to my kness and soared me into the heavens"
Pitt Ewart after his first Ayahuasca experience

Spiritual awakening Ayahuasca

A Transformational Experience Designed for a Western Mind


Shamballa Opening


Ayahuasca Healing Retreat USA


Ayahuasca Transforming Retreat USA


Shamballa Enabling Ayahuasca Retreat USA



Extensive background in Shamanism with over 2,000 held ceremonies.

Prior to that he had years of training in Sufism, 700 hrs yoga alliance teacher, Shaolin martial arts and the transformational systems of G.I.Gurdjieff.

Many of these systems have explored the spiritual and psychological aspects underlying shamanism and he combines these with the traditional use of Ayahuasca, to potentise the processes of healing and transformation.


Having left the corporate world behind, she devoted herself to nourishment of the Feminine. Sweetness of the hearts. Compassion. Oracle. Inspiration.  Creativity. Inviting beauty and nectar back into the world.


She shares herself through dance, music, ceremonial presence and daytime conversations about all arising out of our personal stories.


One of her favorite subjects is the relationship between Masculine and Feminine - so we can find our way back into each others' hearts. Love that is very sacred.


Receive our guidance on your journey and get answers to your questions about Ayahuasca and our retreats, with no commitment




Briga Saule, Ireland

Pitt and Gintarė are amazing facilitators of this very unique experience. Truly, I cannot imagine anything better. They both sing and play various instruments. The selections of music in the ceremonies are simply outstanding; they make your heart soar and heal. 

Pitt’s knowledge and wisdom on the subject is highly impressive, and the sense of humour is very grounding. Gintarė’s kindness and care is a pure delight, one of a kind. There wasn’t a single moment during the ceremony that I would have felt unsafe or my needs overlooked in any way.  

I am extremely grateful to these two generous souls for coming my way. 
Their service to us is a true gift. 


Abbey Sykes, UK

Pitt and Gintare were by my side during my first ever Ayahuasca experience, and they´ve been there for me ever since.


Pitt is a master of different instruments from around the world and commands the space in a reverent balance of music and silence. Both perfectly placed, both perfectly balanced. Gintare is a homage to the magnificence of the Divine Feminine and is there to help you throughout the night before you even know you need support.


Sarah Sabila, USA

Pitt and Gintare offer a space where the medicine expands and evolves, and dances with different streams of influence.

The Ayahuasquero, Pitt, brings his background of Sufism and the Gurdjieff work, both of which provide a foundation for deep self-awareness, spiritual integrity and embodied mastery. He also weaves the mystical threads of Tibetan buddhism and Vedic wisdom into his ceremonies. 

Gintare is a powerful wise woman who possesses a deft dexterity with the medicine and an abundance of nurturing warmth. 


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