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  • During the ceremony respect the noble silence guided by the music. All uncontrollable cleansing sounds, such as crying or laughing are ok as they are part of your purging process. However, ceremony is not a place to chat or use verbal language, unless you need assistance from one of the facilitators. Then You can whisper or raise your hand and we will come.

  • Do not try to help other participants (through touching, talking, hugging etc) - you are here for your own journey. We have a shaman and many experienced helpers, and we will take appropriate care of everyone. Often trying to help comes from good intentions but bear in mind that You might not have the sensitivity needed in approaching another being under the medicine. Leave it to us – focus on your own experien


  • If you feel distracted by the external environment, try to close your eyes and go inwards. Sounds might be tempting You to look around and see what is happening. But what is happening can never be perceived through the senses, nor is it important. Travel into Your own being.

  • Vomiting. If You feel comfortable to walk, please use one of the many bathrooms next to the ceremony space however do take Your bucket with You. You never know if You will make it. Plus, diarrhea and vomiting can happen at the same time. If You are unable to move, it is ok to vomit in the ceremony space. Helpers will replace your bucket. Rule of thumb – if You can do vomit outside – do it outside, if not go for it where you are.

  • Everybody drinks the first cup upon Shamans invitation. You are welcome to ask for as many cups as You feel You need. Shaman will announce when “the bar is closing”, that means no more medicine will be served. If shaman is in the middle of a song, he will first finish the song and only then serve the medicine. Be patient and humbly wait for it.

  • If You are unsure whether to go for a second cup of Ayahuasca – go for it. If you are trying to make a calculated decision in your mind it is already a sign that you should have more medicine. If You cannot move from your bed and you are deep in your journey, that means you do not need more

  • Do not leave the ceremony space for too long, as we are trying to contain the energy field and your long absence will affect it. It is fine to go for a nice walk outside, or look at the stars, however please come back once you had your moment.

  • Ceremony closing. When the time is right and the work of the night is completed Shaman will initiate the ceremony closing. Please do not go to your rooms before that happens. We start and finish this journey together and then you can safely go to get your rest.

  • Do not be afraid to ask us for help, such as “can You walk with me to the bathroom”. Some of our egos have a tendency to do things on our own. However, this is a great opportunity for You to be vulnerable and trust in another being. Especially if You are in need.

  • Phones and watches are not allowed into the ceremony place. It is a sacred space where time does not exist, therefore we want to limit the connection to the outside constructs of time. You can trust that the ceremony will start and finish at the perfect time.

  • Try to stay awake for the majority of the night. If You are starting to feel sleepy, sit up. It is an opportunity of a lifetime and our bodies can handle more than we think. Obviously if You simply cannot stay awake as your body is giving in, that’s also ok. You will experience everything that is meant for You

  • Say yourself (silently) a little prayer or intention before You drink the cup. Honor the spirit of the plant and ask for guidance. All is received.

  • Try not to overshare too much of your ceremonial experiences right after the ceremony ends. Allow the messages to sink in, before you start over-processing and over-analyzing them. There is this quote “the more you talk about it, the more you think about it, the further you go from it”. Silence does wonders, do not spill out your cup too quickly.

  • In the scariest of moments – remember there is nothing to fear of, only surrender to it. Shaman is steering the ship safely through the stormy waters and soon they will be replaced with a calm stillness.

  • Trust in the process. Trust in the medicine

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