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Majestic Sacred Valley Peru- perfect setting for an Ayahuasca retreat

Shamballa's Ayahausca Retreat in Peru is located in the “valle sagrado” ( sacred valley ) of the Incas. Surrounded by two sacred mountains, it has the feel and appeal of a Tibetan monastery. The setting alone inspires the spirit and offers a transformative experience.

Flights fly to Cusco airport and the retreat centre is situated about an hour away.

Our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru are held in the centre of the valley located between Pisac and Machu Picchu. The retreat center is situated on the slope of a mountain, surrounded by majestic scenery and an open view of the stars in all their glory.

Ayahuasca Retreats Peru
sacred valley peru ayahuasca retreat

Organic cuisine - fresh, tasty and nutritious -  straight form the gardens

The Ayahuasca retreat center Peru, pays attention to detail both in terms of standard of accommodation, the food and service. The food is grown on the property from their organic gardens and prepared by chefs trained in vegetarian cooking. Whilst we abide by the guidelines of a ayahuasca diet we do not provide with a lackluster diet. Fresh, tasty and nutritious with delight graces the table. Whilst we cater for vegetarian if you are a vegan please or have food intolerances let us know in your application and we will accommodate your needs.

ayahuasca retreat peru

Spacious and comfortable indoors

The accommodation is all self contained in private rooms with double beds, ensuite and views as the casitas are positioned one above the other on the mountain slope. A winding path takes you through colour coded gardens to the main building that houses workshop and meditation, yoga areas as well as dining and common rooms. The yoga / meditation space at the top level features floor to ceiling glass and a spectacular view of gods creation. We use this area for yoga, shared music, sound healings and a general wonder area.

Beautiful outdoors perfect to catch midday sun and integrate

best ayahuasca retreat peru

There is ample lush grass, outside areas, fire pits and hot tub and swimming pool. Whilst Peru could get cold as it’s climate varies, but generally there is always the beautiful warmth of the midday sun, so there is nothing better than the grass. Nevertheless always come prepared , and if in doubt read our "what to bring list". In general the nights have a chill.

Shamballa Retreats are here to make a change in your life, not just a repair or a quick fix

Shamballa's ayahuasca retreat in Peru cater for the questioner of life. We want to look at the whole being: mind, body and soul. So, under the guidance of experienced facilitators it extends from the healing power of plant medicines to the wholeness of our spiritual search. Exploration of our personal , social and masculine/ feminine relations.


We are here to make a change in your life, not just a repair and a quick fix. We want those that attend to walk away with a deeper sense of what is this life, and keep on exploring that direction.

As time goes on we see the importance of exploring questions that govern the roles of the sexes and we pay special attention to the future role of the feminine in this world and what it means. It is to be considered the cornerstone for our social transformation in the coming century.

ayahuasca peru

Minimum 6 days programs with a possibility to extend

Shamballa Retreats in Peru are not into providing a psychedelic style retreat. In our opinion, it is important to allow these medicines proper time to heal and transform. 

So 6 days is a minimum time to set aside just for yourself and your development. If you feel that you may need a longer and more personal approach , we also cater for these and generally that concerns people who have been under addictions ( alcohol, drug, sexual , trauma for some time ). We can run you through our intense program for detox ,cleanse, repair and educate.

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ayahuasca ceremony peru amazon

Shamballa ceremonies and role of music

The Ayahuasca ceremonies are run in a traditional and a what could be called upgraded style. Whilst traditional means that the shaman is fully embedded in the medicine field they have incorporated an array of different embellishments from other traditions. Over the years various musical styles have been incorporated into ceremonies . The rattle and the chapaka (leaf rattle) are still used in accompaniment with icaros ( traditional Amazon healing songs ) , but the instruments vary from all countries and spiritual traditions.


This awakening and blending with other paths of understanding is one of our clear differences . And reflects the great move from east to west over the last century. We are here to culturally and technically evolve this medicine and share and integrate without diluting its power to transform. Needless to say this is a long topic.

ayahuasca retreat peru

Breath life back into your world

We see Ayahuasca retreats Peru as an evolutionary process, catering multifaceted human needs of this life/world. Ayahuasca retreat offers a giving back and participating in a evolving sense of awakening between spirit, earth and hu-man.

If you have the time available we would also suggest giving yourself the time to take in some of the sights of this area. This type of interval is designed to breath life back into your world. So let us know and we can suggest some options for you.

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