Things to bring in Ayahuasca Retreat



  •  All of yourself and a few stubborn ancestral traits no longer of service to feed to the mother. 

  • Tolerance for others and respect for the nature of ceremony ( you are the ceremony) - it is not a psychedelic trip. 

  • Some warmer clothes - during ceremonies it is very common to be more sensitive to temperatures.

  • White or light color ceremony cloths, such as cotton clothing, dresses, ponchos, shamanic necklaces, bracelets, feathers…

  • Water bottle

  • Ceremonial object, to place on the alter, it should have some significance or be prepared to be imbued with a meaning. (crystals, items of protection, special jewelry etc)

  • A pass-time item that is attention and fun based ie - writing, drawing, painting, so you can learn to express your inner world rather than post your purge bucket on facebook. 

  • Toiletries, swimsuit and yoga clothes.

  • Can I bring other foods - yes but read food restriction guidelines.






  • Alcohol and recreational drugs… this is a definite - NO. It shall not be tolerated. 

  • Smoking is permitted but away from the area as  some people are in the process of removing this from their lives during retreat. And it is mean’t to be a smoking area for a release, not a smoking escape (smoking and cyclic thoughts and emotional binds go hand in hand ) We are more than happy to introduce you to rapé or mapacho tobacco, these are not inhaled into the lungs and your prayers travel on the smoke, as well as cleansing and clearing the psychic body.