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Shamballa Women-Only Ayahuasca Retreats

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Dr. Emily .  Clinical Psychologist, Psychedelic Medicine Education, 2021/12

I attended a 9 day Womens retreat with Pitt and Gintare in Peru (New Years week 21-22). It was the most transformative, life-changing experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been home now almost a month, and though nothing has drastically changed, EVERYTHING has changed for me. My outlook on life is totally different. The cloud of depression and anxiety I was living under most of my life has lifted. I approach my kids, my work, and people in my personal life from a totally different perspective. 

The medicine, the Sacred Valley, and the shamans were instrumental in supporting me through my process of healing old wounds, receiving the internal and external validation I had been looking for, and boosting me up to see myself and the world through a completely different lens. I did a lot of personal work prior to the retreat- years of therapy, meditation, yoga and journaling. This prep work put me in perfect position of openness and readiness for change. My mind, body, and soul were desperate and ready for the change that came through this healing experience. Pitt and Gintare will always hold a special place in my heart forever. 💕

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Erika Pineda, Healer/Coach, 2021/12

Gintare and Pitt have put together such a nurturing and loving retreat that can change your life if you’re ready to take the leap. The locations they have chosen not only provide safety and comfort but add to the enlightening experience as a whole. Pitt brings in his experience, intuition, connection, and musical artistry talent into the ceremony in a way that holds space for all the women while also supporting each individual as whole. The compassion, love, intuition, support, and natural nurturing nature that Gintare brings allows for vulnerability and connection to flourish. Did I mention her musical talent is literal love magic made manifest in the physical?! I am so thankful to her for guiding my way back to my heart. As for our elder and Plant medicine, Ayahuasca, I am beyond thankful to her for activating my Spirit and for opening my heart to the Sacredness of Life.

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Chealsea, Account Manager, 2021/12

It is hard to write a review as this is such a deeply personal experience however I hope that my experience can help others as they are deciding on a retreat. I attended a 9 day all women's retreat with Gintare and Pitt for New Years 2022. The experience was very profound, nurturing and personalised. The ceremonies were deeper than I had experienced prior and Pitt's wisdom and music added a unique element that really aligned with the journey. The music guided me go alot deeper but still remain grounded. Gintare brings her beautiful heart and intuition to the space and truly speaks to your soul just when you need it.

Together, they provide a space that feels very safe and comfortable which was very important to me to allow myself to truly surrender to the medicine. Throughout the retreat, I felt both challenged and nurtured. Everyone was given space for their process and while I personally would have preferred a little less flexibility to keep the focus always on the process, I think it was overall valued by participants.

The retreat center, food and complementary therapies were all wonderful and Gintare and Pitt remain engaged and available for questions and support even after the retreat which is huge for me. They are truly doing this because they care and that was extremely important to me while looking for retreats. This is not a mass produced, one size fits all experience. This was deeply personal and facilitated with genuine care and interest in the long term growth of participants. I do hope I will have another opportunity to work with Pitt and Gintare in the future and this retreat has been a very meaningful experience in my life.

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Giselle J, Entrepreneur, 2021/12

Shamballa was life-changing and truly the perfect place for self-development. I felt safe, cared for, and heard. The team truly created the perfect nurturing atmosphere for this transformational experience. I would recommend the Shamballa retreats 100%.

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HL, Nurse, 2021/12

I would love so much to share one of the most amazing experiences of my life to the World, being I have so many beautiful things to say about both Gintare and Pitt- the power couple that you guys are, sharing your hearts to the World to make such powerful changes within someone’s life and positive outlook of one’s self.  I would love for my story to be told, and my experiences to be shared to help guide seekers to two amazing God gifted, loving individuals. 

The trust , confidence, and guidance both of them provided is so profound and so important when traveling solo as a female across the country, especially for the first time.  I felt so safe, and knew 100%, with no doubts, this retreat was going to be forever life changing. 

I might still be trying to figure everything out, and feel like hell continues to boil, but I also know there is another side of me that has been found— the love and passion for Mother Nature that I knew deep down was there but not to the extent of truly realizing how much positive effect it can have on my life.  The beauty and power of its Being, and the confirmation that was given to me knowing I have the strength and support to continue this battle of Life gives me reason to continue breathing, and appreciate every breath of everyday. 

I have been in bad shape for over 7-8 years, and felt my life shrinking, falling into the cracks and knew I had to make a big leap into something so powerful and life changing, and God’s most perfect plan brought me to a group of inspiring individuals who I now call family. 

The connection between everyone was so genuine, and so authentic, and the talents of everyone was so real.  That’s how I know I made the best decision in choosing Shamballa Retreats as my getaway to make life changes.  Gintare and Pitt are my inspiring twin flames, and I hope and pray you guys continue to be the best you guys can be together forever.  You are so amazing and so deserving of each other, and I hope to be so  lucky one day . With all sincerity and love, HL

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