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Soma the Drink of the Gods - What is Soma?

Soma is the ancient drink of the Vedic gods, they used this ambrosia to awaken there higher centers, to give themselves insight into the workings of the positions of mortals in the human cosmos. The are equivalents in other cultures such as the Egyptians and the Assysins , it is also prevalent in the maestro school and the esoteric traditions of almost all religion. These have been written about considerable and are easily researched on the internet, all that is required it to pursue.

But soma and what is it, it is a term that is related to the substances of transendence of plant matter that allow us to see the bigger picture in the scope of things. But it is just not an intellectual frame work it is imbued with higher emotional qualities and presence. A presence that give us contact with the earth , fellow beings and the sublime. It reintroduces into the language of presence and the way we as humans connect to it and most of all our responsibility as a being in this world.

Soma is te essence of a plant that falls within a certain range, its world is higher than that of plants that house substances of addiction, it is higher than plants that deplete us of vital and sensitive energies. It is a particular field that soars high in the realm of consciousness.

O there are many plants that bear these qualities, it is therefore no surprise to see them subtly blended to gather to create alchemical elixas , the shaman of South America has a bas brew in Ayahaunca and according to his tradition personal taste and experimentation in the other worlds can vary this brew. We have a wealth of information about traditional recipes available to us on the internet that forms the basis of possible personal research.

Soma as it originated in the middle- east was more than likely a blend of syrian rue and acacia, as it pops up in scores of references through Christianity, Islam, Sufi traditions, Tibetian, Vedic etc. And if one uses these sae substances we get a very simular state to the Ayahunscas of South America. It is imbued with different qualities ,tastes, but it is apparent upon use to be in the same field.

Soma, amrita, ambrosia whilst related to plants and to the field within there work is also indicative of a substance and nectar that when generated would confer immortality or enlightenment upon the user. We are a vast array of chemical substances bound by an infinite configuration of DNA possibilities , with doorways that topen adn close by apparent secrets. The experience in Ayahuasca and its Soma counterparts are very simular.

Worship all plants in this field and listen to there teachings as they open the way to what its ahead, forming clubs, social groups and tribes only leads to a closing of the door, instead strive to leave it open .

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