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Cultural Transitions

We live in a world of massive change and the values of many societies are now on a collision course for better or worse. Taken on a whole we can see how the classic western society has infiltrated traditional tribal environments. It is this blending and mixing that arises most predominately in this century, although it first started with the great colonial voyages of Spain, Britain, Portugal, France, Holland and many others. They where the first to arrive and strip native worlds of there culture, to strip there cultural understandings and wisdom, replacing it with the framework of western christian colonial thought.

The last four centuries have been a huge blending of various cultures into a massive cultural pot, we have seen the dissemination of cultures values and customs, at the same time the rise of science, tecknowlogy, internet, global travel, communication. These are the gross movement of the world. Beneath there flow is the movement towards a greater transmission of understanding and knowledge. There is a current movement towards the adoption of traditional tribal values verging on a stealing of there sacred paths. It is true that this process would appear to be under way on a grand scale. In the west we have lost must our spiritual idendity and it is why we seek so vigerously in other cultures. It was this century that the

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