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One Step Forward - Two Backwards

One of the common thing that I notice when one leaves the ceremony gets back home, we are shrouded in the excitement of the process. And this is rightly so, it often has the characteristics of a new love. Its all consuming like the of lighting a fire and you are throwing your life onto this fire.

Ayahuasca is a light, a luminous body that opens up dark corners in your world. It is a process of psychological and energetic blending as well, it is the sum total of your life that is placed in this blending process and it a transformation in an alchemical retort. Many times what arises are changes that you may or may not feel immediately comfortable grasping. This alchemical process is real you are the major ingredient in the process, it takes large slices of your life that consume energise that serve no purpose in you psychological process, pulverises them mixes them with a good dose of humility and love and hopes the seeds of growth will bring personal understanding and inner development.

But one of the great things in this medicine is trust, we do not have “Trust” in our life these days, it has been replaced by the “guarantee”. If it does not work just bring it back and we will give you a new one, no problems. But life is not like that so do not be surprised if or disappointed it you find yourself in the process of one step forward two steps backwards it is an enviable part of a process. Trust is a inner super power and is part of deep inner growth, we only go forward, left and right in this world we have to have trust in the directions that open in-front of us and in the process of this work. So be kind to yourselves allow your growth to unfold, allow it to become a mysterious process of discovering this pearl, created by the agitation of life. There is no backwards just a as you circle in patience waiting of the moment to arrive to proceed. Eventually trust leads to certainty and along the way its good friend discrimination comes in, in Vedic terms it is [ ](

viveka-discrimination-and-vairagya-dispassion/) the ability to discriminate the mysterious map of your person path. Become a mystery not an expectation.

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