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The Gate into the other World - We are Invited

Currently we are in a “Psychedelic Renaissance”, busy stocking the shelves with all manner of secrets. It is quite apparent that from beginning of our history as a species, all cultures have immersed themselves in this parallel world. What sets this time apart is the rapid acceleration into this field, the exploration of meanings.

In a world of evolutionary change, we are immersed in the “IT” like a ball floating in a large ocean, our personality is exposed to the elements on one part to the sky the light the mood swings of the sun and elements. And our essence dwells in the depths of our ancestral ocean of unknown. We are a being who lives in multiple worlds.

Our mind serves as a door way into a multidimensional field from which we can transverse and explore within. Medicine work in one part a healing, but I’m going to leave that for a moment and touch on the realms of mystical travel.

Briefly once we gain a grasp how to enter and leave through this gate, we can begin to use our attention ( our primary tool of exploration) to actively explore the boundaries of the world within and without. This is not just a projection of our subconscious imagination. We are inside these realms (In the sense we are aware of our external 3 dimensional world as well as the streaming of our mind, but there is also the visitations of a world that is imbued with the sense of the real, impregnated with meanings. ) Some of our happenings are subjective others are bathed in the possibility of a deeper kind of contact. Many esoteric traditions reflect this world. We are currently in the middle of the making of an esoteric soup composed of all traditions. And this is often reflected in the experiences of participants in circle, the images that are evokes. They are spontaneous arisings. It is interesting to note the parallel when we analyse peoples genetic code, we may look like we come from one are but more than likely we a a composite of many varying genetic sources. An we are now more then ever reflecting that content in the archetypal field of our experiences.

So its highly likely that is time to look at the combined understandings of us as a species and what do other traditions have in relation to our development in our present phase of human history. Ayahauasca is not a stand alone not a trend is is a sliver of a collective whole. Be a curious Cheshire cat … play with this medicine.

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