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Have you Healed as a Woman?

It arrises the complete woman not the shadow of our society and expectations, not the generations of conformity, suppression and vision through male eyes. This full woman, the woman of the breast and the sacred door of sex and birth, the heart of intuition and the strength through birth of a warrior. The intuitive heart which is an arrow of great speed and reaches it target of truth, I love the cutting perception of a woman.

Our children are what we pass on, it is not the fear, grief or loss of our previous upbringing that comes now to the forefront. It is the necessity to embrace the mould of strength, flexibility, love understanding compassion that enables the true spirit to come through. We need to engender these in ourselves so as to pass them on to our children through example. You child listens to your words but understands through your behaviour. You are imprinting your action your understanding on that new soul.

The best inheritance of a mother to her children, grandchildren and other offspring, is to have healed as a woman.

Throughout life, a woman interprets a long list of roles and roles. One of the most important in transgenerational history is being a mother. If we add to this that a mother does not stop being a woman, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend, professional etc. We find a lot of knotted priorities.

Disentangling these roles is quite complicated if we take into account that we live in a society that imposes certain obligations on women simply because they are. In this way, it is our responsibility to heal the relationship of women with themselves, both present and future. It is indispensable to do it already, because in this way we will educate our daughters in the great value of self-respect, as well as our children to respect the feminine world.

The objective is that neither they impose expectations nor they self-impose obligations or sacrifices for being born women. Consequently, the logical thing is that now we ask ourselves how we can know if we have healed the woman we carry inside ...

How do you know if the woman has been healed?A healthy woman ignores the role of the sufferer that society imposes on her, being a woman does not mean having to endure overcoming our emotional limits. In addition, a healthy woman recognises its value and that of the rest of the women in the world, without half measures or inferiorities.

Another pending issue is sexuality. Enjoying it fully, loving, respecting and not hiding is very difficult in our world. However, a complete person respects their wishes and needs, allowing themselves to explore and promote all kinds of concerns. Another great lesson a woman can give her children is to allow herself to heal her emotional wounds, while not letting her past destroy her present. This step is complicated, but closing stages and wounds means building a better present for oneself.

Healthy relationships are only established when we stop burdening others with our responsibility and the weight of our lives. On the other hand, a mother must avoid both emotionally depending on her children and creating dependencies in them. This step is essential to be able to offer a great present and future legacy, since it means learning to give and receive in the same measure.

And if in spite of it the woman stops being herself by the weight of motherhood ...?

For this reason, although it is more or less difficult to walk through life according to the circumstances, knowing how to put everything in its place is one of the greatest gifts that we develop when we are healed as a woman.

A woman who has healed inside knows that she is not indispensable for anyone, except for herself. This woman will not expect others to value what she does for them, but will simply love freely.

A woman who loves herself does not give up her self-realization and generates healthy internal expectations. We are healed when we learn to listen to ourselves, to fight for ourselves in the first place and to overcome the fears that have been imposed on us.

When we have achieved it, we will have many recommendations and lessons; At the same time, we will be able to develop the emotional values ​​that correspond to us, taking care of our emotional and physical well-being, treating us with delicacy and not forgetting that wounds do not heal on their own. This is the truly responsible way of responding to ours, without submission and with the total freedom to be oneself. Therefore, the importance of understanding healing from the transgenerational, undoing blockages, releasing unnecessary burdens, removing anchors and ties, learned and inherited.

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