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A Quick Overview of the Feminine Emergence over the last 100 years

There is a social evolution going on at the moment and we are in a midpoint, I say midpoint because as I see it we have come so far but have just as far to go. And this has to do with the so called equality between the sexes. For the last century or so we have been progressing in leaps and bounds at a snails pace. But this pace is both fast and slow. We are an immense social juggernaut moving through time.

HIS-story and slow emergence of the Feminine

So let me first paint a picture, history (HIS-story) of the world is painted largely by men, the religions, economics, wars, class structure, education was male based until recently. The USA’s first female judge was appointed in 1949, India appointed its first in 1989. The Suffrage movement in the late 1920’s, in Australia women got the right to vote in 1902 (I’m australian ). Harvard admitted women in 1920, African-American women given the right to vote in 1965, this list goes on and on. So it is the last century there has been an emergence of this external equality. By external I mean the right to equal pay, education, economic class, role in power structures.

Hippy movement

Then came something unexpected - hippy movement, fueled by a new social attitude, a sexual revolution and a backlash against a restrictive society. Along with this hippy movement came a drug revolution spurred both by the large Pharmaceutical companies and the use of Marijuana brought back from the Vietnam war. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals had given people such as Richard Alpert and dr. Timothy Leary ( Harvard university ) huge doses of LSD in order to experiment with its usage.

Rising interest in altered states of consciousness

This in turn brought an interest in altered states of consciousness. Mystical traditions, yoga , meditation then began to filter into the western stream, spurned by people like George Harrison of “the beetles “, and their Adventures with Transcendental Meditation (TM) training course at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Followed by psychedelics being banned

It was the first time that psychedelics had entered into the mainstream social river. It was the arrival of the first connector psychedelics. It opened up this inquiry into life, and questioned the values of that time. Just as fast as it opened it - closed again, laws were enforced and substances banded, made illegal. Time passed and the door is opening again.

Broader perspective

We are at the end of a long cycle Kali Yuga (age of degradation)

His-story is really the age of the Kali Yuga - a Vedic cycle of time dating from the death of Krishna in 3102 BC. The full cycle consists of 4 yugas and occupies a time cycle of 26,000 years. In vedic cosmology, Kali Yuga is the fourth and most degraded of the Yugas.

Changes on the womens' front

In the meantime women have been moving forward, occupying positions of power, wealth and social acceptance as an equal if in idea only. I say idea only because the concept is only relatively new. The sexual revolution opened up a hidden carrot and a new wind blew life into this area.

Women were looking for the means to achieve the reality of myth of a Goddess. After decades of this fight - it is still a fight.

"No longer so much an external fight at the front, but women are still facing an internal warfare of subconscious caging projections, that are still intact at a subconscious matrix level."

Eastern influences on the western world

A bit of time was spent after the hippy decade, much happened. The internet/ knowledge sphere bloomed. Yoga infiltrated the world, the world religions began to decline. Psychology was severely influenced by eastern thought. The issues between men and women fermented into social experiments that we slowly grew from. People like Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, an Indian professor of philosophy who groomed a path , a bridge between eastern and western worlds, the same as the theosophical society before him.

Male entering through the door of vulnerability

Ok so far the last 100 years we are just trying to play catch up on all levels. Where we are now. Well men have also been doing work on themselves. They have had to leave the security of the masculine net that has held them for so long. They have realised something has been missing from the male world for some time. Psychedelics have brought us to this place in combination with the flow stated above. The psychedelics act like a hammer does to a walnut, bang it open. This world has not been internally experienced for a while in the male domain.

"The result is the emergence of the male into the world of vulnerability, the realisation that they do not want to be encased in the hard shell like the generations before them. "

Whilst women have been under this stage of vulnerability for the last 5000 years ( his-story) men are having trouble for a decade, feeling persecuted by the female ( that lovely - nagging bitch syndrome remodled ).

Arrived at the stalemate

"There is a stale mate that we have arrived at in this present age. The male dominated system that has endured for so long is dying, like the dinosaurs, a new model is coming. "

The situations are on all fronts, home , relationships, money, sex, environment. And the male mind is still functioning on the old operating system of “I shall fix it” and you cannot fix this broken system. And this new system will not run on the old tracks. This is a mind-set gradually giving birth to itself. But is resided deep in the shadow of the male fortress.

When a man steps out of the security of this fortress he is all alone, no secure castle, no armour, no sword, no infantry to support his crusade. Yes he of course feels vulnerable. The female on the other hand has endurance in survival techniques ( she had too ) , and a speed of emotional intelligence that is rapid fire. Women have been honing the tools of the future and calling on forces long forgotten.

A new man is emerging

We are currently seeing men feeling uncomfortable about this change of the chess board.

"A new man is emerging that is exercising an new perception and clarity not based on an antiquated operating system. "


Blessings on your search for your self.

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