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How can Ayahuasca Bring about a Deep Seated sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life?

This is a really important question to explore collectively as more and more people have experiences inside the field of Ayahuasca, and purpose of our lives is often the underlying motive underneath all the search.

How can Ayahuasca bring about a deep sense of purpose

Of course the question of purpose can only arise if we had done a reasonable amount of work on ourselves as well as healing and understanding our scars.

There’s a certain percentage of healing that we need to go through in order to create the base foundations for us to orientate towards purpose.

We all may not be Buddha in this life, but we all can strive for love and happiness. On the plane of earthly existence it is all we need and the ability to share this with our fellow beings.

This is the purpose we, personally, and collectively are in the midst of re-examining.

In search of meaning

First of all, all our human existence craves for it, a deeper purpose.

At a certain stage the beliefs and states that were holding us back, loose their grip and start being replaced with a new set of beliefs that serve us in a more liberating way.

Ayahuasca has incredible capacity to open the door to the vast ocean of one's potential. This journey often initiates a complete recalibration of our accepted social and personal values/beliefs that come from life's influences.

Searching for a deep sense of purpose can often be compared to a certain kind of restlessness with the generally accepted "terms" of life.

Ayahuasca and a search for life's purpose

Ayahuasca and a path of a seeker

After encountering Ayahuasca people often explode into “seeking” - leaving elements that chain and restrict them behind and venturing out to unknown directions.

The intellectuals start becoming more curious as they seek to expand their perception of this world and life. Emotionally the seekers start expanding their feeling states and removing the grip of negative, constricting emotional patterns. Ayahuasca also initiates increased interest in sexuality and body, raising one's awareness of energies and how they affect states of being.

Your essence wants you to discover and life is a book that awaits to teach you.

The Ayahuasca journey always begins with gradual freeing of the mind from its attachments and deepening understanding of what internal freedom is.

We are of the earth and this earth wants to reveal our hidden connection to purpose, something our sleeping world has kept us away from. The term awaking, rebirth , born again , baptized, all express an opening to purpose and meaning.

Interconnectedness - you are not alone

Our stories might appear very different, however what Ayahuasca Retreats reveal each time, is that underneath these unique stories, the questions are quite similar.

Who is the REAL ME?

What makes me happy?

What stops me from being happy?

Why am I alive?

What happens when I die...?

These ancient medicines hold a key allowing us to find the answers, and understand the interconnectedness between all life.

Understanding that you are not alone on this path is already a very purposeful discovery that dissolves the hopelessness that stems from not understanding what we are doing here, on this earth, in these wildly insane times.

So that restlessness you have been feeling for a very long time, might as well be THE KEY you have been searching for.


New Year's 'Women only' Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat

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