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Is Ayahuasca different to a Traditional Spiritual Practice?

Ayahuasca is a healing plant from the upper amazon basin and has migrated now to all countries and all cultures, carrying its message.

At the moment this message is being distributed one person at a time...Since its emergence from the forrest it has taken on many forms as it merges with the various cultures it comes in contact with.

The emergence of Ayahuasca is to a large extent a Trojan horse for the awakening of the spirit.

The spirit moves us and the Ayahuasca field has certainly moved a huge number of people in a transformational way.

Spiritual way has often been the domain of a religious system, but in truth we are all seeking for the spiritualisation of the mundane, to bring the connectivity of the divine presence into what should be the simplicity of everyday life.

Ayahuasca consists of more than 20 varieties of vine and several varieties of DMT containing plants to produce what is consumed in ceremonies.

The energy contained in the Ayahuasca field melts many knots which we or others have tied in life and releases into the field the energy of life while freeing us. We interpret this as miracle , revelation and grace.

Accompanied with this is also a well advertised psychedelic light show and the expansion of the present moment associated with a state of expanded consciousness .

In this sense it falls more under the category of healing and not so much spiritualisation, why ? Because it is just a happening to us, it is a cleanse, the washing of the dirty dishes of our subconscious.

Is it miraculous?
It certainly is as what is found in a ceremony is often described as 15 years of therapy.

But there is also the grace and the free giving of spiritual states which is the birthright of a human being and the corresponding states of ecstasy and bliss associated with god-states.

These tastes of higher states are a spiritual carrot offered before us and are meant to be carried through into everyday life as an inner incentive to what we can have all the time.

I do not mean by this to be in a psychedelic trance, drugged out state but one on curiosity, increased awareness and divinity. To seek for a more fulfilling life.

Our current life has only given us a backdrop as a point of reference for our understanding of human nature.

Ayahuasca is one door into a field, other somas (ancienr vedic spiritual substances) are just other doors into the same field. In Tibetan traditions, Hindu Kush , Middles East , China, they all have doors into these fields. These were guarded in their linages of esoteric traditions.

Our world is being brought into a state of mundaneness by the western world system, and at the same time it is reverse engineering the understanding of spiritual worlds.

Ayahuasca is a healer and also a spiritual awakener complementary with a traditional spiritual path. Many of those processes are being tried and tested again, a rediscovery of the basics of the wholeness of life.

It is simply a calling that we are hearing, you are hearing it because you can hear.

What is it in you that is seeking ?

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