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Is Ayahuasca Legal in the US?

Is Ayahuasca Legal in the USA

Ayahuasca is a medicinal brew of the South American Shamans. it is a mixture of two plants , the vine from which it gets its name (Banisteriopsis caapi) and chacruna (Psychotria viridis ).

The vine contains the ingredients that allow our body to digest the light elements of Ayahuasca and the leaves of the chacruna contain the DMT. Ayahuasca contains a Schedule I controlled substance, dimethyltryptamine (DMT). And as such is illegal in the USA.

Is there a way to drink Ayahuasca legally in US?

Whilst being strictly illegal it is accepted as a sacred sacrament and is legal in a few organizations, mainly churches of Ayahuasca. Brazilian ayahuasca religions the União do Vegetal (UDV) and Santo Daime serve Ayahuasca in USA legally.

Why psychedelics were banned in US in the first place?

Part of the social stigma and illegality of such substances had arisen in the US due to social perceptions in the 70’s and 80’s when psychedelic substances were introduced into the US via the hippy movement and the pharmaceutical/ psychological world.

After the hippy revolution came the wave of social drug abuse, and the wide spread profitability of social drugs in general. All this came in the span of 10-20 years. The political status quo panicked somewhat , they used a broad spectrum ban on what they termed (DRUGS) which were often compared with the sins of Satan at the time. Ayahuasca was included among these substances that fell under the ban.

Current status of legality of Ayahuasca across the world

Many countries followed the US in terms of psychedelics criminalization as the psychological and therapeutic use of such substances was swept under the carpet for couple of decades.

Most western countries consider Ayahuasca strictly illegal up to this day punished as a criminal offence.

Please refer more to the link below to find detailed information on legality status across the globe:

The change is coming - research continues

Nevertheless lately these substances have once again started re-emerging as a personal, social and spiritual force. Recently interest in these substances in the psychological world has been growing exponentially.

Over the last decade we have seen the call by the professional psychological world and the voice of people who have received benefit from their engagement with plant medicines. They demand the public authorities to investigate and remove the illegality of these plants.

There is a good reason to believe that not in near distant future it shall be recognized for what is is , it is not a substance of addiction or habit. It opens the minds and hearts and heals much of our social pains and anxiety better than current medications.

Decriminalization - a threat to worldwide status quo

People such as Terrance Mckenna outlined multiple very obvious reasons for the illegality of such psychedelic substances. At the core of all regulations against plant medicines is the threat that they hold to the status quo of our social fabric.

If psychedelics were to have a major influence on society one of the first things they would place under scrutiny would be the obvious control of our economic, political and social system. In short it would expose this system of dying dinosaurs. In this way Ayahuasca would be seen as a threat to the status quo of social power.

One of the few countries where Ayahuasca remains legal - Peru

In Peru, Ayahuasca is regarded as a national treasure and is respected socially, remains entirely legal, and is regarded as a religious sacrament. So if this is a concern to you, come visit Shamballa Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, we would love to see you enjoy this experience without any unnecessary fears, receive healing and insight and go back and spread the word.

A final question to ponder over: if these medicines are so enlightening what are the regulations against Ayahuasca really protecting?

In conclusion it is noted that the tribal world endorsed its use for millennium, the psychonauts dabbled in it for its insight and Alice in wonderland like states, the psychological world for its effects of profound insight and healin , the spiritual , because of the heightened religious states and ecstatic moments in being.

The amazing internal connectivity and insights that it brings to all forms of human relationships, ancestral, parental, lovers our fellow humans and children, those to follow.

If it is illegal the question bears down to ...WHY... what are the regulations behind our current systems protecting ? It’s invested interest or do you believe it is protecting us from ourselves.... it does not require an amazing intelligence to see through this haze.

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