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Ayahuasca Healing Journey vs Spiritual Development

We are currently in an age where we experience a convergence of many spiritual paths combined with the awakening of synergistic plant “medicines” such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro. The term 'MEDICINE' has been applied as a western form of expression for how these plants heal the mental and physical scarring of our human ways. From our western perspective, "medicine" implies that it is like a pill administered by a doctor and that the process of taking it gives rise to a cure. But let us have a deeper look.

Different Influences Amazon traditions

At first glance 'medicines' is an accurate statement gleaned from the amazon traditions. In the tribal environment the term shaman is often used as an equivalent of a more western generic term doctor. However we need to bear in mind, that the old writings of the first contact with Shamans in tribal amazon basin areas are varied and differ greatly from the current presentations.

This could be compared to yoga and how it entered the western world. First yoga was perceived as the work of the devil - a Hindu tradition entering into a Christian dominated world.

Over the years the western world acquired a widespread knowledge of yoga, both diluted and detailed. By detailed I mean that now there is much available on the subject, the dilution is due to yoga taking more of an aerobic exercise class image, guided by a spiritual halo. This is not a criticism of traditions, it is just a glance into our social acquisitions of other traditions and their meaning.

Western psychology and their interest in psychedelic healing modalities

Parallel with the influx of influences from other traditions, we have experienced a development of western psychology and their interest in psychedelic healing modalities spurred by big pharma. Plant medicines and healing are currently running parallel to one another.

Religions still remain sceptical

Traditional spiritual paths (religions) still have the perspective that the upper end substances of transformation (Ayahuasca, San Pedro etc) are just “drugs”.

Unfortunately there is no classification of high and low substances and their effects on heightened consciousness/ being.

Ayahuasca and Healing

The use of Ayahuasca brings about a field of consciousness saturation.

In that field we experience healing because of the power of the conscious energy to crack open psychological boxes that have been long sealed. This pathway is between the subconscious and the conscious minds, clearing the neural pathways corroded by time.

Ayahuasca and Spiritual Development

The important point is that we do not have to become more conscious, the consciousness is already there waiting for us to join in. This entry into the field of consciousness is experienced as a personal awakening. The plant spirit such an Ayahuasca has a connector role as an enabling force to open this door. As consciousness is not person by nature it can merge with other beings not bound by time or a physical body. All spiritual / religious traditions have this belief, although embellished by superstition and power structures.

This current seeding of spiritual / psychological and social deconstruction has enabled a vast array of information allowing us to question and define what spirituality is to us personally.

Spirituality requires certain amount of mental discipline

Whilst all spirituality can be seen as a continual upgrading and a process of healing, a more complete view and entry into this mysterious world requires incorporation of one's mental discipline.

Mental discipline applied to experience is not just intellectual gibberish it is the process of clearing the cobwebs of the mind to allow a clarity to settle. This, of course, is a process of effort because you are challenging and confronting old beliefs that were embedded long time ago into our collective psyche.

Ayahuasca - a door towards questioning the limits of the cages we live in

This pool of processing of Ayahuasca experience is vast and growing, as now we have tens of thousands of people every week as case Guinea pigs for this process. We are entering a universal conscious pool when we are in a ceremony and it is shedding light on the nature, connectivity and significance of the human mind. Questions arise about the nature of one's personal and social values, and this is dissolving much of the cage that constricts us. This cage keeps us in a cycle of distraction from self.

A ceremony reminds us of the need to free ourselves.

Spirituality is the opening of the door and flying

Spiritual Development

Inside of ceremony we have this heightened feeling of freedom not bound by our worldly identity. Humility and gratitude are being handed out in bucketfuls and is the true underlying emotional state of transformation.We bow to this invisible presence/divinity instinctively, and one can feel the natural state of worship. Whether this worship is for nature, pachamamma , Gaia , or the unified state of supreme being, it does not matter as it takes us out of the self obsessed state of our own wants.

Spiritual Path beyond Healing

In search of balance and purposeful life filled with delight and joy

We are a soup at the moment, mixing the gleanings from many spiritual sources, plant secrets, powerful experiences, shared insights and coming up with a new flavour for our lives. An awakening and a conscious revolution (whatever you would like to call it) is coming and knocking on our door. We will gradually redefine spirituality where our life has balance, purpose and a fulfilling flavour.

Blessing on your search for your self.


Women Participants Only Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreats 2022

Sacred Valley March 27th - April 3rd

8-day immersion into the Path of Mystery – Shamballa invites you on a Transcendental Journey in search of one’s Real Self, designed specifically for WOMEN participants. Ancient wisdom keepers Ayahuasca and San Pedro accompanied by an extensive integration program.

It will be an intimate size group, and prior to booking Gintare will have a personal call with each woman, to ensure this retreat fits You like that perfect dress.

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