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Why do You Vomit on Ayahuasca?

Why do You Vomit on Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca has many facets, it is known as the mother because of the way it holds the individual during the process. For its visionary effects. The way it washes the stains of the individual’s psychological body. Often the way the somatic body releases these blockages is through cathartic release.

What is la Purga?

The term “la purga” is the the release by vomiting or by the lower gate, diarrhea. These are the two most common expressions of the purge. But the Ayahuasca purge can also take the form of hot and cold flushes, laughter, tears, shaking etc. it is seen as a form of release - a cleansing.

Not to be feared

Many people when they first approach the subject of an Ayahuasca ceremony express their distaste for the thought of having to vomit . But those who have been through the process welcome the mystery that is encased within the process. The Ayahuasca purge is not like the vomit from a night of hard drinking or of being sick (a physical response of the stomach) - it is more of a whole body/ mind tidal wave of release.

The purge contains many stories that remained locked in the bodily, emotional and mental framework of our being. Much of this story travels through our genetic history as well, the past residues of our parental and ancestral linage. This somatic release goes very deep during Ayahuasca ceremonial process.

A somatic release of bodily, emotional and mental residuals

Ayahuasca seems to choose from a wide range of release mechanisms the best way to undo a complicated knot that we or others have tied in our psychology. During the Ayahuasca process it is obvious that it is working on a deep cellular level , you can feel it penetrating deep into our internal worlds far beneath the normal flow of our mental awareness. Time and time again this process has been expressed as 15 years of therapy in one night.

The gut-brain connection

It has long been a mysterious question as to why the higher powers decided to communicate to us by vomit and poo. Why is this part of the way - truly is a divine comedy. But as we begin to delve deeper in the past few decades we begin to notice answers arising. The corresponding developments in understanding the enteric nervous system (ENS) and it's connection to the gut microbiota.

One of the key players in this interoceptive feedback loop is the gut-brain axis, the complex bidirectional communication between the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the central nervous system that involves endocrine, immune, and neural communication mechanisms, such as that through vagus nerve signaling.

It is estimated that the human gut has between 500 to a 1000 different types of bacteria that inhabit the gut.

Remember - your bucket is your best friend in ceremony

Concluding, this concept of “ La Purga“ is something absent in our society, where a purge is seen as a social embarrassment or an illness. And in the course of our general lives it is definitely a strange expression.

This medicine provides a unique backdoor into the world of transformational processes, where it gives somatic cleansing to our being as well as microbial adjustments to our “gut” combined with a cathartic release and deep ancestral and psychological cleanse.

I must say those who have participated in many ceremonies welcome the purge as like, welcoming an old friend, as the say “your bucket is your best friend in ceremony “ in the end it is a mystical process being continually backed up by science and a wealth of documentation experience of Ayahuasqueros.

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